Hi all…

This is the result of migrating my not so well maintained blog from Live spaces to wordpress… Here I post some content that I’ve created and repost from external interesting sources

I am a Senior Architecture and Software Development expert with more than 18 Years of experience in different business as Telco, Health Care, Banking, Digital Marketing, among others. I specialized in software development processes and software architecture & design. Many activities related to design and implementation optimization under different technologies, and platforms.

My passion is to help customers to solve real problems with the right use of technology. Ranging from the Business Technology Strategy to Design and Human Dynamics. Transition to the cloud and integration of cross platform systems is a big part of it. In most of the cases, during that process, my work covers the interaction with multidisciplinary teams that include CxO, Engineering, Operations, and Development people.

Since university I’ve been a fanatic of AI and embedded systems, Right now is a very exciting time for that.

I love to share knowledge, one way is being undergraduate and postgraduate professor in Software Architecture, Design and Development subjects. Some other ways are as a frequent speaker in tech conferences and regional technical communities

Between 2003 to 2011, I was awarded as Microsoft Most Valuable Professional, because of contributions to the development community in Colombia, and since 2004 I’m part of the Microsoft Regional Director Program for Bogota.

I love .NET technology and have been working with it since the first betas (2000) (switching from Java). Before that, I worked as programmer, System Analyst, Software Designer, Research and Development manager, with technologies ranging from embedded microcontrollers to S/390 mainframes. Used to love CICS, CICS LE, VOS (stratus), and languajes like PL/1, COBOL and assembler. Along with C++, I use a lot C#, python and javascript.

I’ve been Undergraduate and Postgraduate professor for Software Architecture, Design and Development subjects. Previously, Co-Founded Synergy Technology and Process Consulting Ltda.

I Co Founded Androcial Media Inc. A company where we build technology for Digital Marketing., builder and operator of WomyAds.com – The Social Media Sponsorship Platform

I am member of the board of directors for come companies including Androcial Media Inc, Zylo Blochain and Clouxter.

I have worked in many

I Co Founded Clouxter where we help companies to move to the cloud and operate their solutions.

Since I was a kid, I was very connected with music, and later, turn it into an alternate activity playing bass guitar with bands at school , college and after them, with Ritual and Soulburner – Death Metal Band.

Talk to me about: Cloud Computing, IoT, DevOps, Robotics, Machine Learning, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence

Hope you enjoy this blog.

Ricardo Gonzalez Vargas

Software Architect, Developer and Technology Strategist



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