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Music that shaped my life part 15 of N…

There was a very nice event that bound me a lot with 4 bands at the same time… I used to like them, but, I wasn’t so hooked with them until this. It was the ” Moscow Music Peace Festival ” in 1989… I remember that I heard it at 88.9, at the time, my favorite radio station.  Bon Jovi, Skid Row, Motley Crue and Cinderella all together playing a great repertory. Actually this concert included some other artists like Ozzy Osbourne and Scorpions but I remember the broadcast just included the 4 that I mentioned before. I taped the concert and played it again and again and again… heard some songs that I didn’t heard before and inspired me to learn more about those bands. Many of us have listen many Bon Jovi songs, all we know what kind of band is this… I don’t think I need to explain it. I’d rather prefer to give a deeper look to the other ones, specially Skid Row, actually this past weeks I’ve been listening them a lot, just remembering…

Skid Row is one of my top 5  hard rock bands ever, all the instruments play a great role in the music, and what about the voice of Sebastian Bach? damn bastard!! that’s a gift! At the time of the Moscow Concert, Skid Row had just released the “Skid Row” album, which all we know mostly because of the “18 and Life” hyper mega hit, actually a great song, with great lyrics. Once in an interview, S Bach said something like ” we never though that there were so much rickys out there” refering to Ricky, the boy on wich the song’s lyrics develops…  I like this song but, at this moment, I prefered much more “Youth  Gone Wild” and “Making a Mess” these were much more aggresive songs and I loved them. Time after the Moscow concert, about one and a half years I think, they released the  “Slave to the grind” album, even having more ballads, this album showed much more the great compositional hability of Sabo and Bolan, hard rock genius!, songs like “The Threat”, “Slave to the Grind”, “Wasted Time”, “In a darkened Room”, “Psycho Love”,”Monkey Business”, are just great!  It’s a little sad that the band didn’t produced more records during the S Bach era, because he was a great ingredient for the final result, The last Skid Row album with Bach was the “Subhuman Race” in 1995, wich actually, includes my favorite Skid Row’s song “Into Another”, and some others I really enjoy, like : “Eileen”, “Breakin’ Down”, “Frozen”.  After this album I really lost my interest for the band, think that the “Bach, Bolan, Sabo” combo was the key for this band; without one of them, the rest are incomplete…

 Here are some samples of what I mean:

Into Another

Youth Gone Wild

Making a Mess (not so good audio, but from the gig @ moscow)

Slave to the Grind

The Threat

Psycho Love

Wasted Time

I remember you


Breaking Down


Again, you can see the energy put into the gigs, tell me if isn’t it the best of all?

Hope you enjoy it!


Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Consultant

Music that shaped my life part 14 of N…

Back to RHCP, I mentioned a lot of the “Blood Sugar Sex Magik” album because the shock that caused on me when I first heard it, but, while I was learning more about them, I found what I call jewels in funk music, The first thing I found was the “Mother’s Milk” a great album, wich included many interesting songs… before the BSSM, they were a lot more funky than after, but always having this ass kicking attitude that characterize them: “I don’t fucking give a damn!!!”…

In this album, I found nice songs, one of my favorites is “knock me down”, in particular, this song has two versions, the original, longer than the other, just because of radio… :S  I’ve always felt that these radio cuts, change completly the meaning and feeling of the songs, specially when the lyrics get affected by the cut…  “Knock me Down” was originally published in the “Mother’s Milk Album” and has a great lyrics focused on the ego, and the feeling of invulnerability that people gets, mostly because of drug use and abuse, but I think that even without drugs you can get this feeling due circunstances in life… sometimes we need somebody or something to knock us down!

Some other songs in the MM album are just great pieces, specially talking about the bass guitar, (but Jhon Frusciante did great too, even being his first album with the band)…  look at “Subway to Venus”, “Magic Jhonson”, “Stone Cold Bush”, “Salute to Kareem”… those are wonderful songs, anothers, have a very tasty feeling like “Punk Rock Classic”, “Pretty Little Ditty” or “Higher Ground” (yes!, the one from steve wonder!!).

Knock me Down

Knock me down (original long version)

Stone Cold Bush

Subway to venus

Salute to kareem

Pretty little ditty

Higher Ground (Original by Steve Wonder]

Again, I wrote this post focused in jus another great album from RHCP, but, I have not even started to talk about my favorite one…  hope I reach it soon!

I will never get tired of saying it, I really like bands and artists that put all the passion and energy on stage, in the long run, it doesn’t matters wich genre it belongs, or how great the songs are, but, when you can feel this passion, you almost connect with the artist at a deeper level. I guess that’s why this particular feature is so important to me and to Soulburner …

Sure some of you will enjoy this music!


Ricardo Gonzalez Vargas

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Music that shaped my life part 13 of N…

As I said in previous posts, this series started a little bit cronological, but later, started to jump back and forward through my lifetime line… this time, another one of my favorite Metal Bands ever: Dismember. Along with Unleashed, Dismember started in the early 90s from the cradle of the best Metal in the world, Sweden.

I can just say that the nicest feature of this band is the uniqueness of its sound… you can hear a little fragment from a song that you have never heard, and surely you will recognize the band… again, this is one of my favorites things of any band, the identity, the uniqueness… as the words from Pantera would say: “unity is a rare thing, the blind eyes of society bring, the category of minority.. Now what are we supposed to be? ” .

Just as some other nice bands, this is music played with guts! you can feel the energy and emotion while hearing this band, and can sense the attitude that identify this kind of bands. I must say that, one of my favorite concerts ever was from Dismember in Bogota, really nice… the playlist was a dream, almost as if  I’ve chosen it myself!!. I have three prefered albums from dsmember : “Massive Killing Capacity”, “Hate Campaign” and “Death Metal”. I can say without any doubt, that these albums sumarize the esence of what Death Metal can mean for anybody and mostly the raw spirit within it!

There’s one special song that I like the most from Dismember, it’s called “Life, another shape of sorrow”, but others like “On frozen fields”, “Enslaved to Bitterness”, “Misantropic”, “Of Fire”, “Mutual animosity” really rock!! 

 Here’s some sample of what I mean:

Life, another shape of sorrow

Life, another shape of sorrow –> Live version

Of Fire


On Frozen fields

Casket Garden

Override the Overture


There are tons of songs that make this band worth to hear, I really see this band so close to what I’ve always liked when refering to death metal… raw, fast, strong, catchy yet not so complex to digest… seems so natural, so how can you don’t like it???

 Again, hope you enjoy it!!!

Cheers mates!

Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Consultant

Music that shaped my life part 12 of N…

Today I’ll talk about one of my favorite bands ever… It’s Unleashed, a Swedish Death Metal band. It’s very influenced by the viking culture on it’s lyrics the reflect a lot of respect and admiration for the scandinavian traditions and religion, but in the end it’s pure death metal, the one that you can feel so deeply and that makes you move your head in a nonstop natural beat…

I should thank my brother for showing me this band, the first album I heard was the “Across the open sea”, but soon I got hooked on this band, the live LPs are so raw, full of energy, of real guts… it’s evident that this band really enjoy live performances and this is part of why I like them so much!!

The composition tends to be not so complex, but very, very catchy… a lot of thrashy riffs with tons of energy and when you see them play its exactly what you expected!! a great nonstop discharge of energy !!!

The band broke after the “Warrior” Album in 1997 but rejoined after some years and continued publishing a lot of new albums, they keep the same spirit of the previous ones, but i’ll say that I stay with the first wave of albums… “Where no life dwells”, “Across The Open Sea”, “Shadows in The deep”, “Victory”, “Live in Vienna”, “Eastern Blood, Hail to Poland” and “Warrior” each one of them has songs that, if you love death metal you will never forget them, in particular, I songs like “Execute them all” (wich we cover in the “Hellfire” album), “Before the creation of time” (another one that we used to cover, a long ago), “Shadows in the Deep”, “Into Glory Ride”, “Unleashed”, “The Immortals”, “Scream Forth Aggression”, “To asgaard we fly”, “The End”, “The Defender”, “Legal Rapes”, “In The name of God”, “Berserk”, “Born Derranged”, “Ragnarok”… the list can  be endless…

This is a small sample of what I mean:

Execute Them all

Before the Creation of Time

Into Glory Ride

Scream Forth Aggression

Shadows in the Deep


The one Insane

Death Metal Victory

To Asgaard We fly

I’ll always thank my brother  for showing me this band, I’m pretty sure that somehow, sometime I would have ended finding it by myself, but the shortest the way, the easier the ride!!!

Hope you enjoy!


Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Consultant

Music that shaped my life part 11 of N…

After some recess days, due another year in life… I’ll continue with this series. One of my favorite bands that actually I’ve been hearing in the last weeks is INXS. I think that INXS music is one of the sexiest ever written, and, almost every song is so so catchy, it keeps in your head so easily, and for me, this is one of the hardest things to achieve when writting a song; it seemed so easy for them. 

The first time I heard INXS was while I was watching a tv show called “Super Videos”… many of my friends surely remember it. It was the tv show from a radio station called the “Super Station 88.9″… long time ago. I remember very specially this first video that I saw from INXS, it was “Devil Inside” from the Kick album, for me, one of the best pop-rock albums ever!!!  I was a kid at this time, but this video seemed to me the hottest thing that I’ve ever seen.. it totally shocked me !! since that, I started to hear much more the music of this band, and found in KICK a great set of songs  including: Mediate, New Sensation, I need you tonight, Guns in the Sky,  Kick, Mystify…

After meeting Kick, I was lucky to find the “Listen like thieves”, wich has very nice songs one of my favorites “what you need” and “listen like thieves” but in general, this LP has very nice songs wich where not so popular as others, an this includes “Kiss the Dirt”, “Shine Like it does”, “Biting Bullets”, “Same direction”.

Surely “Kick” was the album that launched this band to become stars, but the next albums in my opinion, made a very good support for that fact, the “X” album, has 4 of their biggest hits, includding “Suicide Blonde”, “Bitter Tears”, “By my side” and “Disappear” and latter,  the “Welcome To Wherever You Are” album, included “Taste it”, “Baby don’t cry” and “Beautiful Girl”, and later, the not so successful album “Full Moon, Dirty Hearts”, had another nice song featuring Ray Charles called “Please (You Got That …)” and “The Gift”.

At this point, INXS slowed down its amazing production and only until 1997 lauched another great album, the “Elegantly Wasted” showed another of my favorites: “Elegantly wasted”; I really like this song, for me, even being a not so complex structure, it has some of my favorite bass and guitar riffs… the whole song sound really hot… at this moment of INXS I think that it was perfectly ok to compare Michael Hutchence with Jim Morrison, He could transmit a lot of sensuality to the music without dimish the excelent composition almost always done by the Farris Brothers…

Devil Inside

Need you tonight

New Sensation


Elegantly Wasted

Suicide Blonde

Just Keep Walking  –> that a funny haircut from michael hutchence, but this song has a great attitude!!! Shove it brother, just keep walking!!

Please (You Got that..) — nice perf

This is one of the bands that I hear the most, is a very frequent participant of my playlists…  hope you like it!!

Cheers Mates!!

Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Engineer

Music that shaped my life part 10 of N….

In every post I accept more and more, that this will be a time consuming task… If I just take into account the bands and artists that I hear frecuently, it would take about 50 post to do an overview, but, I feel good while doing it : Memories of moments, friends and family come to my head while writing this.

This post is about my favorite, non hard-rock, non metal band… actually it’s a funk band, wich started as a rap-rock funky band. It’s Red Hot Chilli Peppers. I must say that the first time that I heard RHCP was when they launched the Blood Sugar Sex Magic album, around 1991. At this time there was a big movement around what was called “alternative rock” and RHCP got classified in this group, just because it’s not a “traditional band”… I bought the LP, and later discovered that the LP  was a little shorter that the CD version, wich I bought then. I must say that radio did not much good to this album, actually because the best songs where never famous, it’s not a problem for me, but it seems that the best works from this band is mostly unknown for the majority of people.

 As musicians, each one of them are virtuous… simply great, Flea, Jhon Frusciante, Chad Smith and Anthony make a great combination but, actually my favorite album includes a different guitarrist, Dave Navarro, from Jane’s addiction wich was a band that I liked a lot in those years. I think that the songs where he participated, the feeling in the guitar is much more powerful than the one provided by Jhon, definitively different but they’re great both!!! Years later I had the pleasure of meet him in Vegas, and actually played poker with him couple nights. I don’t want to seem cocky, but I kicked his ass one of those nights in the table, while playing Texas… 😉

Most of my favorite songs from RHCP are not so famous, but I could manage to find some interesting live performances and other videos that could give you a nice overview of what I mean…

While hearing the Blod Sugar Sex Magic Album, I started to like mostly two kind of songs, the ballad like and the powerful “bass starring” songs… I mean that songs like Breaking the Girl, wich are kind of acoustic-ballad are very special in the way that RHCP compose them, in particular, this songs includes very nice elements in the percusion and winds… lovely. The other kind of songs that I started to like were more strong and energic, like Naked in the Rain or Suck My Kiss; those songs had a very strong and exciting bass lines.. Flea for me is one of the best, ever not just for his ability but also because of his attitude, great energy completely transmitted to the audience…

In this post, I will cover only the Blood Sugar related works, but in some other posts I’ll cover the enormous variety of works that I like from this great Band!!

Suck My kiss

Naked in the rain — (unmastered sound)

Breaking the girl

I could have lied

Power of equality (with a very nice intro)

Sir psycho sexy

The greeting song — Amazing instrumental version in a music clinic!!

The righteous & the wicked

My Lovely man ( what a damn good version!!!!)

Blood Sugar Sex Magic

Now that I recall this post, I see that mentioned almost the whole Blood Sugar Sex Magic… really, this is for me one of the best albums ever!

Hope you enjoy it too!!!

Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Consultant

Music that shaped my life part 9 of N…

Endless, I can say… there are so many artists that I like, that gave me the basic elements to define my own taste for music… Many genres, different formats, different attitude; each and every one of those artists had something that made a difference for me to like them.

In this post, one of the first bands that came to Colombia when they were in the Top, and this is remarkable, in a time when Colombia was famous because of violence, even more than now, almost all the artists were afraid, but, these guys (always were so challenging) forgot this and made something great of one of my first big gigs that I attended… it’s Guns N’ Roses.

I was 11 when first hear GNR, 88.9 is to blame for this, they presented the Appetite for Destruction album… what to say, It’s one of the best hard rock albums ever!!. It feels like a nonstop train (maybe a nightrain ;)) and you have to accept it.. this was a band that in stage may kick a lot of butts without any effort, I’m sure that the most important ingredient of this achievement, is that undoubtely they loved the gigs, then you have this result..

When they launched the Use Your Illusion I and II,  I think it was a huge step in that genre, the variety of songs, the arrangements…  Izzy Stradling, for me is one of the most underrated guitarrists and composer in Rock, but for me, he rules. And I must say, that even being a complete asshole, Axl Rose had a lot of talent.

There are special songs that I like, in that time, there were others, but as you grow, you filter much more your selection 😉 … songs like It’s so easy, Mr brownstone, Out ta get me, Nightrain, Rocket Queen, Double Talking Jive,  Civil War, Pretty Tied Up, Estranged … just awesome!

 Double Talkin Jive

Rocket Queen

Civil War

Pretty Tied up

Mr Brownstone

It’s so easy

Out ta get me


It’s good to remember,  I enjoyed a lot of times with my school mates ( Juan Carlos Vega, German Salgado, Alejandro Morales…) and these songs, do you remember our first gigs @ Vega’s home??  that was the begining of the end!!!

Cheers, and hope you enjoy the as much as I did and I do!!!

Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Consultant