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#Technet #Blog Post: Analyze customer communications to predict future consumer behavior with Pollstr

#Development post: Run in R on Azure HDInsight – In our previous blog, we introduced on Azure HDInsight. Currently, H2O can run on Azure HDInsight in Python or Scala APIs. However, R doesn’t come out-of-box. R has been popular in data scientist communities and support of R in on Azure HDInsight has been sought after by many of our customers. Today, we share our solution of how to enable R support of on Azure HDInsight. Run Apache Spark and H2…

#Ch9 #Video: Security Features on IoT Core – Security is a hot-button issue in the IoT space; IoT developers should be thinking about implementing hardware and software security features from the start of development. Windows 10 IoT Core provides several of these features to help protect your devices from network attacks as well as physical tampering. In this video, we discuss these features, how to turn them on, and why IoT device security is so important. – IoT Core s…

#Technet #Blog Post: Windows Server Essentials 2016 – Update two on Remote Web Access

#Development post: Building recommendation engine for .NET applications using Azure Machine Learning

#Ebook News: ebook deal of the week: Begin to Code with C# – Save 50%! Buy here. This offer expires on Sunday, July 2 at 7:00 AM GMT. This full-color book will inspire you to start solving problems and creating programs with code, even if you have absolutely no programming experience. It’s not just friendly and easy—it’s the first beginner’s guide that puts you in control of your own learning and empowers you to build unique programs to solve problems you care about. Le…

#Ch9 #Video: Defrag Tools #181 – System Power Report | Defrag Tools

#Technet #Blog Post: Getting a private certificate from Key Vault

#Development post: Доступны записи и материалы с мероприятия “Прокачай свой бизнес”

#Ch9 #Video: Last Week on Channel 9: June 19th – June 25th, 2017