#Technet #Blog Post: モバイル端末へのパスワード保存禁止の設定方法について – カスタム ポリシー利用方法その 2 – http://ow.ly/OJBu50dqmDU


#Development post: Talking bots at NDC Sydney 2017 – Talking bots at NDC This year at NDC we have four talks tackling the new(ish) area of conversational platforms and bots. Each talk takes a slightly different approach to bot building – some more technical, others taking a more human centered approach. This is a quick overview of the bot sessions by Microsoft staff you’ll find at NDC Sydney 2017. The need to know deep dive The best place to start is by joining Vishesh … http://ow.ly/EjYu50dqiat

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#Development post: Automating Windows as a Service –   TL;DR;  Bold lines are important. Blue lines are most important.   WaaS is not something “Microsoft-special” and nowadays there is this cruel necessity to hold up the pace and adopt the newest technologies just in time. With WaaS this is accomplished for the Operating System, where by speaking of the coming “new wonderful Features”  we are mainly speaking about Security and Administration Features, which are increas… http://ow.ly/ExjM50dpr4f

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