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Music that shaped my life part 4 of N…

As I said before, J.S. Bach will take many posts in this series, and the reason is … just because he worth it, he’s the greatest!

Many of you, know that I’m not religious, I think your fate is made by yourself, so religion has no place in this way of thinking. But one thing I really admire is the religious art, maybe from paintings, architecture, maybe from literature or music, I’ve always been seduced by the respect, the humility and solemnity that the artists put in their works. I love church architecture, specially the gothic and reinassance, paintings from gothic, and in latam, paintings from the colony period are great… In music I can’t thing in any other composer better than J.S. Bach when related to religious music. He has been known because of that, and during the “discovery” of his works, many researchers and the general public understood how deep in his mind and heart was his love for god due his lutheran faith. Most of the religious works from Bach were Chorales that in their lyrics and music show deep beliefs and humility to gods creation.

There are many works from J.S. Bach in the category of religious music, motets, corales and masses… a very nice introduction to his religious work is “Jesu meine Freude”, one of the six  motets written by Bach. The structure includes 11 movements that when it’s analysed more in deep, you can see the symetry of the structure, where the sixth movement (a double fuge) acts as a structural mirror for the other movements, what  I mean is that the structure of the movements 1-5 is mirrored in the 7-11 movements in reverse order what shows the evident sense of bach related to symetry and perfection.

Jesu, meine Freude


Other great religious work from J.S. Bach is the “jesu nun sei gepreiset” cantata, BWV 41. The vocal part in this work is beautiful and the instrumental part also, i really like it. It’s a lovely piece with a very relevant part for corno, oboe and trumpet in the first movement, but he wonderfully changes the most relevant instrument in each movement, in the end, he returns to the corno, and trumpet.. magnificant.


Having seen those previous works, just prepare you for the greatest religious work of J.S. Bach (in my opinion), the Mass in D minor, a 27 part work, that simply, makes you feel as a dust particle in the universe, which is what we are in the end… the solemnity, humility and admiration that this work inspires is undescribable. It took me a lot of time to know this work, to absorb it, it’s very long and doesn’t spare any effort in the pursue of perfection.  Here are some excerpts from this great work:

 Kyrie eleison


Gloria in Excelsis Deo


Et in terra pax


Ladamus te


Patrem omnipotentem




Osanna in excelsis


As I said before, and I won’t get tired of saying it… J.S. Bach rules!! and his work opened my mind since I was a kid. I feel just lucky to have known him(his work, you know).

Again, hope you enjoy it!

Ricardo Gonzalez Vargas

Software Development Consultant