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Music that shaped my life part 3 of N…

This time I’ll start go trough a very importan part of my musical preference… Baroque style.  In my opinion this is the best music composed ever… so rich, so emotional, simply perfect. I think there’s  no adjective good enough to describe the  beauty and richness  of this music. In particular my favorite composer is J.S. Bach, for me, this man can be side by side with people like Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawkins,  Aristoteles, Plato.  He influenced much of the forthcoming music, including composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Haydn, Schubert, Mendelssohn… and from my perspective, took the music to a level of perfection that even could be explained with mathematics.  Like Goethe said some time about Bach’s music: “the eternal harmony in dialogue with itself”. Many artists have paid tribute to the Bach’s contribution to music, including Beethoven, Shostakovich, Honegger and Brahms.

My mother used to listen Bach, Mozart and Beethoven since she was pregnant with me, she didn’t even knew much about them, just the references given from my uncle, wich loved their music, specially Ludwig Van. She found this music very relaxing, and started to enjoy it, and since I was a baby, she used to listen it and because of transitivity… me too. I’ll allways thank her for do that, because, if she didn’t, now I would be another one of those that never had this pleasant experience in their lifes. It was when I was @ conservatory that I started to listen with much more attention, and works like K545, BWV 565,  BWV 1046-10051, BWV 1007-1012, RV425 among others became so relevant to me. 

This post will just include some of my favorite pieces from J.S. Bach, but this doesn’t means that it’s enough to express my fascination for this man and his works. The first one, is my favorite work ever (some times I don’t know, it’s a very significant sentence, but surely, it’s in the top 3 of my own rank), J.S. Bach was very famous for his organ playing hability, and his works for this instrument include a great repertory with many toccatas, fugues, preludes and fantasias. Bach took the fugue to the top in many of his works, including The Art of Fugue,  a masterpiece in contrapuntal theory. This one, is the BWV 578 Fugue in G minor “Little”, but little doesn’t means anything else than it was shorter than other Fugue in G minor from the BWV 542, that was longer.


For me, this is the best performance that I’ve ever heard. It’s from the album “The Young Bach, A Virtuoso” , Kay Johanssen.

Another piece from Bach that is worth to mention (I really think that almost all of them worth it!) is the the BWV 1047 or Brandenburg Concert N. 2. , one of my prefered versions comes from Herbert Von Karajan and The BPO (Berliner Philarmonic Orchestra)

First Movement : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFJzGDkItyE

Third Movement: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CY5EleiLXcM

I actually love the Brandenburg Concertos from 1 to 6, in this kind of works, It’s really important the performer, some times it’s played too fast or too slow, or it’s arranged for more or less musicians and all those factors make a big difference. I would recomend to hear the versions from Herbert Von Karajan, I feel the tempo in those versions is quite better than others, in general, I think that the others get much more excited while playing these songs so the beat rises up…

Another set of works from Bach that seems great to me is the Suites 1-6 for cello solo… this is just awesome, this performance is simply wonderful, Pablo Casals for me, had the gift of understand and transmit the emotion in the works of Bach… see it by yourself


I think Bach will take many posts to see the variety and richness of his music and the elements that I love and had influenced me.

Again, hope you enjoy it.


Ricardo Gonzalez V

Software Development Consultant