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Music that shaped my life part 6 of N…

I think I’ll let J.S. Bach and the baroque beside for a while( for sure, I’ll get back to him!) , to refer to a band, that started my affinity with rock n’roll, what later became love for metal…

I’ve told you that my dad had a great music collection, but, my mom had her own too… she loved one band over all .. the Beatles… I don’t remember exactly what age I was, I think about 9, when I asked her what music she liked the most, she said.. “ohh… the beatles”, I said,  “the what????”, “the beatles” she replied me… “I don´t know what is that!!!” was my answer.

 When we got back to home, I asked her to show me what was the beatles, then, she went to the library room, and picked up one LP (a very special one, I should say!!) it was “The beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl”. She started to play it… have you ever heard it?  it starts with a giant crowd yelling uncontrolled… a total hysteria.. the first song was “twist and shout” a very known one…  I must say, that the most impresive feature of this album was the nonstop yelling and hysteria, it was so shocking to me , I could just imagine the crowd.  I’m pretty sure that, this album,was the responsible of my affinity to prefer the live performances from artists than the studio albums.  I think it was so astonishing to me, never heard or seen something like that before, just awesome. Remember that, at this time, these were the first BIG gigs of rock and roll bands; nothing like these happened before!!

Let me show you what I mean, even with this song, that isn’t theirs, they made a great impression on me… now look this footage!!!

Twist and Shout..


There were many songs that I liked from this album… again, it shocked me!! Can’t buy my love, Ticket to Ride, A hard day’s night, All my loving, Boys, Help!, Things we said today…  Roll over beethoven.. I’d better say  that the whole album was great, the crowd madness created an undescribable atmosphere around those songs… awesome.

Hear this:

Boys, A hard day’s night, Help!


Ticket To Ride, Can’t Buy Me Love, Things We Said Today, Roll Over Beethoven


All My Loving, She Loves You, Long Tall Sally


When you’re a 9 years old boy, and you hear this, recomended by your own mother, you simply, absorb it!!! I got hooked on them… the following months I started to hear the studio albums and discovered a lot of great stuff that really got tatooed in my brain forever!!

Hope you enjoy it!!

Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Consultant


Music that shaped my life part 2 of N…

I think it will be more frequent than I thought, to write this series. I felt really good doing the first post.

Some people who know me may be astonished about the content of this series, just because I’m usually associated just to Death Metal, but, even being one of my favorite genders, and basically, the music that I use to play the most, the purpose of this series is exactly to find the way of how I got bounded to the music and how it had an important influence in me.

As I mentioned, my dad’s vynil collection was very diverse, and included many important latin american artists. Two of them were Facundo Cabral and Joan Manuel Serrat. Definitively two of the most influential and important spanish speaking  singers/songwriters. I remember that they seemed a little hippie to me, but  slowly I got used to hear them… Mom still loves them…specially Serrat.  Her heart melts every time she hears him. I think that the effect that this music used to have over mom and dad was so impressive to me and when you hear them  in deep detail  you can understand why was it. While I’m saying this, I am mapping this words to a time when I was between 7 and 12 years old; maybe too young to understand, but nice age to get used to the music, and later, I really learned to appreciate it.

I found a very nice performance of a great song, “No soy de aqui, ni soy de alla” by Facundo Cabral. In general, I am not a big fan of this kind of music, actually don’t like artists like Silvio Rodriguez or Pablo Milanes, even being in the same musical category, but I really like Cabral, not just one song, there are many great songs that come from him, and are worth to admire.


In this particular performance, this man makes a great display of inspiration trough the song introduction… In particular, this song reminds me that sometimes, the commonly considered “small” or “insignificant” things can be so valuable, the important thing is that we are able to realize it..

The other song that I would like to share is “Mediterraneo” from Serrat,  this song es very nice, i think it’s very fluid… this guy really knows how to write songs:


At the last minute I remembered another song from Serrat, I like the voice’s melodic line, and the lyrics, but I think that from the middle of the song it’s a little bit saturated with background lines… anyway, the lyric content is great,  and in many ways I agree with the song, life is the result of what you do with the situations that are placed for you to face, there’s nothing pre-written, there’s nothing that you cannot change by yourself.  “Cantares”.


At this point I could predict that I will need at least 60 or 70 posts to vaguely describe the topic… but I’m willing to do it!!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I did or do …

Ricardo Gonzalez Vargas

Software Develpment Consultant