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Music that shaped my life part 1 of N

It’s so hard to list a small set of songs that, as the title of this note says, sumarize everything about someone. I guess this list could be a never ending one, but I decided to formally start it. 

When I was a kid (I feel it was a long ago, by the way…), my dad used to work at a Discographic company… obviously, he had as many vynils as you can guess.. hundreds of them ranging from classic music to gay disco like Village People!!, from The Beatles to Led Zepellin… from je’taime to Joan Manuel Serrat a very diverse collection. I think this was a very important ingredient for me to be a deep admirer of music. As we returned to Colombia, 3 of my dearest cousins were studying @ UN Conservatory.. at this moment, I tought that was the greatest thing to do ever (I was 7)!! I was not bounded to any style, rhythm or band… just loved music, but there were certain songs that I’ll allways remember, that I think, shaped the way I became a grown man, and sometimes, they can express much of how I feel or how I see the world.

I’ll start this list with one of the best performances ever made for this two songs; My dad loved them, and he used to hear them frecuently, amongst other great songs. I remember so deeply how my mother used to enjoy to see my father delighted with those songs, her eyes used to shine, and of course, her smile was impossible to hide…

The first song I will include in this list is “Cambalache”, originally written by  Enrique Santos Discépolo in 1935, wonderfully performed by Carlos Gardel, Serrat, Julio Inglesias, Calamaro, Nacha Guevara and many others…

This is my prefered performance, with Roberto Goyeneche (“The polish”) and Astor Piazzola (original audio over a new brand video):


Some times it’s hard to think that this song was written so much time ago, Its message is as current (or more than) as before.

The second one is “Balada para un loco” originally written by Astor Piazzola & Horacio Ferrer. Performed by many singers like Amelita Baltar, Anna Saeki (japanesse version), Claudia Pannone and many others. It was considered a big milestone in what is considered the “New Tango”.

Again, my prefered performance includes Roberto Goyeneche and Astor Piazzola. My dad used to play this same vinyl… (original audio… no video)


You tell me, if Roberto Goyeneche wasn’t one of the best tango singer ever, and what about Astor Piazzola?  Tango music couldn’t be so great as it is whithout them. 

This one shows you that sometimes the reality and sanity are not necesary, and basically, are not useful to express your feelings…
A third song that worths to be included due the genre that I’ve mentioned today is “Malena”, written by Lucio Demare and  Homero Manzi in 1941. This song has been also performed by many artists, including  Roberto Goyeneche, Serrat, Adriana Varela, Libertad Lamarque, Rossana Falasca (recently heard her (thanks to cch)), Fernando Farina… the list is endless.. In my opinion, the best performer for this song is Sussana Rinaldi, here are two great versions of “Malena” performed by her, the first one is a classic version, not sure about the acompanying band, but surely is a great version. The second one is performed by Sudestada Tango Lounge with Sussana Rinalidi, it is a very good electrotango version  of the song, if you like the original, you will love this one.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQfv3422Jio  – S. Rinaldi classic version

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tnSx7ny3yYI   – Sudestada Tango w/S. Rinaldi

For this one, I guess it was one of the first songs from wich I learn that the music is the gate of your soul, that even the deepest sadness could be expressed with music and even better, you can take a lot of pleasure in that

I’m not sure about how often I will write these notes, what i’m sure is that I will. I guess it helps me to rediscover myself for what I’ve probably forgot, or for what I unconsciously just wanted to bury deeply in my memories.

I hope you enjoy them, even being something very personal (I think as personal as religion o politics… things that I don’t like to argue about)  I’ll value your point of view…

Ricardo Gonzalez

Software Development Consultant